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In the past, the phone device is only a communication tool to make a phone call or text message. Since the development  of smart phone devices, user become to rely o  mobile devices to aid productivity usage.

Through Link to MyASUS, we make PCs to aid the function of mobile devices(e.g.make a phone call via PC) and extend the productivity of the PC to the mobile device(e.g. wirelessly  transfer files or being personal cloud storage.

Main Function

Remote File Access

Let your PC be come the personal cloud storage

Remote File Access function makes users be able to access their folders on the PC even if it is not nearby. For example, users can access their working devices in the office after work to download the report to read it. Through Remote File Access, we practice the concept of personal cloud to let your PC become personal cloud storage.

Screen Extender

Set your mobile device as a secondary screen

Both the Screenpad plus and Screenpad 2.0 use the extension mode of Win10 to offer users multiple displays. We believe that multiple displays are capable to support productivity, through Screen Extender, we offer a similar experience for users to set their mobile device as secondary display, furtherly to increase their willingness to adopt innovative dual screen models.


Open the mobile applications on your PC with one click

We break the limit of hardware devices. Mirror funcion allows PC to capture the display of the mobile device that users can open the mobile version applications on the PC with one click. In this scenario, the physical keyboard or speaker of the PC can support the usage of the mobile device


Make a call or text via PC

Firstly, Communication makes PCs aid the original communication function of mobile phones, for example, make a phone call or text message. With Link to MyASUS, workers can directly use the PC to join a con-call meeting without picking up their mobile devices.

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