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date. 2011

system. windows base for Asus AIO



Asus AIO is designed for Family usage scenario. Family members share the same life experiences and wish to record or save them to share in the future.Through Asus Family dashboard, Family‘s life does not cut into pieces but integrate closely as a whole memory

Color Theme


Link to Life 

Intergrate Memory

Connect to weather and News from family dashboard. Stay update with the world.

Multimedia messages to all family memebers. Link multimedia folder in AIO device and display the file update time.Social network integration and live update (Facebook,Twitter,Flickr...)

Timeline Navigation

Activities are recorded and displayed in Timeline. Users can scroll to past updates and zoom in-and-out to control the amount of information displayed. Switcing between overview and detailed post is that easy. Any particular message could be dragged to keep on Timeline forever.

Integrated onto Windows

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