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Armoury Crate is an integrated software service platform, designed with the need of Gamers at its core. Based on analysis of gamer’s persona, we provide features like system control, device settings, aura light and game related service. This allows gamers across the spectrum achieve an immersive experience throughout online and offline touchpoints.


With the fast evolving AI and cyber enhancement reaching its peak trajectory, human conflicts begins to shake the structure of modern society. The pursuit of free will and anti-authority give birth to a rebellious force, gathered under the “fearlessness and uncompromising” ideal.


The 3 pillars of visual style are channeled by elements like triangulated shapes, lines and shading behind background design. Thus demonstrates a feel of hybrid fusion and stylized character, the unyielding spirit of gamer is shown via the simple, irregular yet sharp and edge-clipped components. It conveys the “fearlessness and uncompromising” ideal through the use of Cyberpunk elements.

Neat , Futuristic , Rebellious

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