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New Weapon

A new age of technological marvels is coming at hyper speed, blurring the line between virtuality and reality. Embracing the change, humanity seeks enhancement, modifying and strengthening individual skills and agility to better adapt the fast changing world.

[ Info, layout ]

Precision, as the interlocking details of a device.

Clear, like the dashboard of central control.

  • Mainly using lines, facilitated with planes to form a combo.

  • Clear differentiation of primary and secondary elements.

[Color, layout]

Tough, Strong, Infinite possibility.

Emphasizing the unknown yet infinite power underneath the mech-like outline.

  • Whitespace design, brings out the spatial feel

  • Cool color motif and intensified highlight


Full structural integrity with tight connection

  • Inter-inlay design

  • Mech-like outline design

Design Proposal

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