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screenPAd ui.png

Role: 設計風格規劃統整 / 動態定義 / 部分畫面設計 

A brand new form factor in PC industry, ScreenPad contains the following benefits, offering a more efficient way to handle work.

Smooth operation of system behavior

Forming new software architecture expanded from existing operating system has complemented the system behavior, which facilitates hardware integration. ScreenPad services as a bridge that closes the traditionally gap, providing solutions for user behaviors of the new digital era. Swift APP control, easy switch between touchscreen and touchpad and even the overall window management, are all made possible by the well-designed UX structure. It guarantees a smooth work experience fulfilled by a matching visual style of UI.

Sense of the Future

Simple / Chromatic Shine / Natural

With swift control in mind, the 3 pillars of visual style together formed a clean and concise interface. The minimalistic structure amplified by spatial design further strengthened the comforting experience. Chromatic shine with 60 degree two- color gradient imitates the rainbow and serves as a symbolic sign envisioning the future. Eventually, these elements comes to life with UI animation, ensures a simple, natural and imaginative atmosphere.

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